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3 Basic Ways to Reduce Injury

By: Thomas Gentile, L.A. Dodgers Strength and Conditioning Professional   Before we get started let’s clarify one thing: there is no such thing as Injury Prevention. Yes.  I said it.  Here’s why: We, as strength and conditioning professionals, have not nor will not ever be able to prevent injuries.  We are not magicians with these mythical powers that can magically keep you healthy.  If you ever talk to anyone who claims they can prevent injuries from happening, RUN. As fast as you can. And don’t look back. Because it’s not possible to make that claim.  Anyways, back to the topic. No one person on this earth can prevent an injury.  Rather, better terminology we should use: REDUCE the chance of...

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The Amazing Athletic Benefits of Creatine Monohydrate

  Creatine is probably the most talked about supplement on the market. For many, it is difficult to find any solid information on it. Let’s clear some things up. How it Works The amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the basic form of energy used by cells, is largely determined by the amount of creatine readily available in the muscles. As ATP depletes due to exercise, creatine is a key component in its resynthesizing to keep your muscles fueled with energy. If there is a lack of phosphocreatine in the muscles, performance will rapidly deteriorate. Who Benefits from Creatine? – EVERYBODY! Creatine is mostly widely used among athletes looking for an extra edge. However, it is not just for athletes. Creatine...

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The Science Behind ATP + Creatine and why YOU need it

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is considered to be the currency of life by scientists in the field of biology. This is because ATP is the energy molecule – it is used to fuel nearly every cellular process in the animal and plant kingdoms. Obviously, ATP is very important. Not just for actions with high energy demands, such as exercise, but for every movement our bodies make, including maintenance of electrolyte gradients, digesting proteins, and creating DNA! Let’s break down the term “adenosine triphosphate.” Adenosine is the combination of a nucleotide and a pentose sugar, namely adenine and ribose. Attached to the ribose are three phosphate groups all bound together, the triphosphate portion of the name. Within each of these phosphate...

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