State of the BrickHouse Economy June 2021


I wanted to reach out and give you a quick update on the State of the BrickHouse Economy. Some companies will give you a cute remark overusing words like “unprecedented”, “new normal”, “essential”, or “Fauci”. We’re gonna shoot you straight. It’s been screwy out there. Getting a product from the production line to your doorstep has presented some challenges, but we worked through them. 

You may have noticed slight differences in our shipping packages and will soon see a temporary change in some of our product bottles. It is all the same superior product inside the bottle you know and love, just with a different color bottle. We were unable to get the same bottles produced because everyone is bumping into supply chain issues. For the next month or two, a couple of products may not be as pretty as they used to be, but until the super amazing-looking ones are back, just cover your eyes and taste the same amazingness you're used to. We pivot when we must to get you the products you need so that you can be assured you are putting the best nutraceuticals in your body. 

You may have also noticed a slight increase in our pricing. We did not want to do this but needed to in order to not lose money on each order. That would just be bad for everyone. We believe in a fair price for a superior product. Competitors of ours will play games and charge double for a product that cost them at least a third of ours, thinking customers will perceive it as a better product simply due to the higher price. We have cut our prices in the past and will do so again in the future. When we are able to reduce prices, we do and pass our savings onto you. Luckily, our team here has been moving quickly to ensure we stay ahead of the market. In fact, thanks to our doctors’ hard work and Max keeping the day-to-day operations moving smoothly through all the zigs and zags thrown at us, we have been able to launch new products during this time instead of delaying them (unlike Hollywood delaying the release of my most anticipated movie, Top Gun 2). Additionally, we have been in R&D on an entirely new product for the past few months. We should be launching this within the next few weeks! 

Thank you so much to all of you for your business. Without you, we would have just been another number amongst those who shut their doors, except our doors would be BrickHouse Orange. We cannot thank you enough for the support you’ve shown us all here at BrickHouse. The amazing gratitude you show us in the thousands of emails and reviews you leave us and the referrals you send us to make it all worth it.

PS - Have you seen our ridiculously hot new website?! It’s new. It’s hip. It’s cool. It’s fast. Put that in your browser and send it. And share this/tell your friends to as well.. or the 5th mortgage we took out on the property to get the redesign done wouldn’t have been worth it. 

"Essential and unprecedented",