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Keto VS. Paleo

Keto VS. Paleo: The Similarities & Differences You Need to Know About As we are officially into 2020, you may be starting to think about switching up your current dietary habits, and diving into a new approach to eating this...
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How to Experience Your Healthiest Year Yet

It’s that time of year again. A new year is on the horizon, and you may be starting to think about some changes you want to make in 2020. If you have your mind set on having your best year...
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One-Hour Full Body Workout

By Adam Hunsaker As a full time trainer, I see all types of clients with all kinds of schedules. I’ve found that some of my clients don’t have the 90-180 minutes that a select few individuals have for the gym....
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Good vs. Bad Carbs

Is a low-carb diet right for you? Carbohydrates have become quite the topic of conversation in the health and wellness scene as more people are turning to low-carb eating. However, are all carbohydrates bad? Read on to learn more about...
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Dr. Eric Serrano’s 4 Step Ab Circuit

An efficient exercise to sculpt a six-pack and increase functional strength How to Prep for This Ab Circuit Step1: Set up your benches To perform this exercise, you’ll need at least 1 bench that you can adjust after every exercise....
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