Field of Greens

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“Eat the rainbow” is a colorful tagline used by dietitians and nutritionists, but as fruity as it may sound, it’s a completely legitimate strategy for good health. FIELD OF GREENS delivers a full-spectrum of colors with fruits, veggies, herbs, spices, and more to support and improve well-being. Different colors of fruits and vegetables contain different kinds of phytochemicals – each with their own unique set of qualities. The major colors are red and green, not coincidentally located at opposite ends of the color wheel. Red fruits and vegetables tend to contain more anthocyanins, tannins, flavonoids, carotenoids, and stilbenes. Greens contain coumarins, phytosterols, and lignans as well as flavonoids. Broadly, these chemicals participate in anti-oxidation, lipid metabolism, and glucose metabolism.

Promotes heart health, mental focus, motivation, and healthy aging.

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