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When an athlete becomes fatigued, performance suffers. Everyone knows this is true, but why does it happen? Muscular fatigue is caused by a decrease in muscular excitability, or the muscle’s ability to respond rapidly to a stimulating agent telling the muscle to contract. That stimulating agent is calcium. Unfortunately, exercise depletes calcium from muscle cells, causing a decrease in muscular excitability and an increase in fatigue. In fact, a 50% decrease in calcium can result in an 80% reduction in force. The key to fighting muscular fatigue is to increase muscular excitability. Increases in muscular excitability lead to an increase in the intensity of muscle contractions.

Foundation was phycisian formulated to optimize your muscles performance, increasing
  • Muscle excitability
  • Levels of extracellular calcium
  • Blood flow
  • Nutrient and oxygen delivery
  • Waste removal
while decreasing muscle fatigue and recovery time. Allowing you to last longer, recover faster, and push yourself to new levels.
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Increased Strength

Aid in Recovery

Reduce Fatigue

Increase Blood Flow

Nutrition Panel

Directions: The recommend dose of Foundation is 4 capsules daily, to be taken with water. Consume Foundation as one serving approximately 30-60 minutes prior to exercise. On non-training days, consume one serving approximately 20-30 minutes prior to break

“I've never felt better in and out of the gym!”

-- Milo Abee

Customer Reviews

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Making solid gains in appearance and strength. At 62 I couldn’t be happier. Don’t go a day without a good Foundation.

Shorted on Field of Greens

The foundation is an awesome product. However, I recently received a container of Field of Greens and it was only 3/4 of the way full. Usually it’s conpletely full. So, not sure what’s up!! A container of Field of Greens lasts about 2 weeks if you take as recommended.

Hi Dan! We recently increased the size of the Field of Greens containers so that the first few scoops were easier to get out without spilling any. The same amount of product (300g) that was in the old container is also in the new container. Thanks! Max
Look and feel good

I started taking Foundation and about 5 days later I noticed that I was looking harder, fuller and leaner. My bicep veins were bulging. It wasn't until I ran out of Foundation that I realized it was the Foundation effect. In addition, my workouts have been a lot more fulfilling; I don't run out of steam halfway through but I can push through to the finish line consistently. I absolutely, unequivocally and 100% recommend Foundation for anyone who wants to have better workouts, and to LOOK like you are having better workouts.

Perfect boost for mid-life

This product has convinced me that I will be able to keep lifting way past my 50s. The one thing to be cautious with is that the recovery aspect works so well that it masks the need to rest logically within a workout. That is a nice problem to deal with. If you exercise daily like I do and especially if you are between the ages of 40-55, you need this product in your life. Thanks Brickhouse.

Fantastic Results

Works just as described. It took a little longer to load before I began to see the results, but wow....I can definitely see and tell the difference. Thanks, Dan Bongino for recommending. I'm referring a buddy.