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Fight muscle fatigue and increase workout endurance with our physician-formulated workout supplement, Foundation.

The best pre-workout supplements use nutrients to counteract muscular fatigue. Foundation combines creatine and ATP to increase nutrient and oxygen delivery, as well as blood flow and levels of extracellular calcium. This helps your body workout longer and recover faster.

Creatine supplements and ATP supplements are backed by studies that prove they help with lean mass and strength individually. By combining the two, BrickHouse created a unique formula for the best workout supplement science has to offer.

Find out what your body is capable of by adding Foundation to your exercise routine.

See the science behind Foundation.



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Increased Strength

Aid in Recovery

Reduce Fatigue

Increase Blood Flow

Nutrition Panel

The recommended dose of Foundation is 4 capsules daily, to be taken with water. Consume Foundation as one serving approximately 30-60 minutes prior to exercise. On non-training days, consume one serving approximately 20-30 minutes prior to breakfast.

“I've never felt better in and out of the gym!”

-- Milo Abee

Muscular Fatigue

Muscular fatigue is caused by a decrease in muscular excitability, or the muscle’s ability to respond rapidly to a stimulating agent telling the muscle to contract. That stimulating agent is calcium. Unfortunately, exercise depletes calcium from muscle cells, causing a decrease in muscular excitability and an increase in fatigue. In fact, a 50% decrease in calcium can result in an 80% reduction in force. The key to fighting muscular fatigue is to increase muscular excitability. Increases in muscular excitability lead to an increase in the intensity of muscle contractions.

ATP + Creatine

Supplementation with both creatine and ATP has shown great benefit for athletes. In a 12-week, periodized study in well-trained men, 400mg of daily ATP supplementation created robust improvements in muscle mass and strength performance. In fact, the ATP supplemented group gained over double the lean mass and strength than did the placebo group from week 0 to week 12. This group of researchers also found ATP to be a vasodilator that enhances the blood flow response to exercise.

Who Benefits?

Serious Athletes, Strength Competitors, and Bodybuilders: Athletes of all kinds are always looking for something to give them a competitive edge — whether for increasing power, strength, and muscle mass, reducing fatigue, or improving recovery, Foundation does it all. Casual Athletes and Weekend Warriors - Increasingly, everyday people trying to stay in shape are looking for supplements that can help them reap the most reward with the least effort. Because Foundation increases the work volume of a workout, it can help even the casual athlete make the most of time spent exercising.

Respecting Our Elders

Aging Adults and Those Wanting to Improve Body Composition - Sarcopenia is the normal loss of 0.5%-1% of muscle mass every year after the age of 25. Exercise is the most powerful tool to counteract sarcopenia, and Foundation can help maximize the effects of exercise on muscle mass and strength by increasing muscle excitability, levels of extracellular calcium, blood flow, nutrient and oxygen delivery, and waste removal while decreasing muscle fatigue and recovery time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1302 reviews

Foundation has worked wonders for my health. I tried to go off of them and immediately noticed the difference and so here I am back at it!!!

Pretty good

The Foundation supplement helps me get through a couple hours of fencing, and I only take one pill about an hour before.

I'm pushing 60 and not super thin, so I need any edge I can get.

Loving it!

Helps bigtime to push through the workouts!


I’m an older guy used to be extremely active. The supplement gives an extra boost to my muscle mass and energy level.

You can really feel the difference!

I was really skeptical about this supplement but it really has made a difference. I recover from my workouts much quicker and I don't get as sore. I look forward to my 76th birthday in 9 days and I believe that this supplement will help keep me active.