State of the BrickHouse Economy June 2022

My name is Myles and as the founder of BrickHouse I used to send out monthly email updates surrounding the business side of things. I enjoy keeping customers in-the-loop about what you have helped us to create as well as what we are doing to provide better products and customer satisfaction. I firmly believe it is our job to develop and produce products that create more value for you than the hard earned dollars you exchange for it. We have worked hard to build a company that does just that and are always working to do more.

It has been my mistake that I have not kept you informed recently about our progress and what we are working towards. I miss that connection we developed early on in BrickHouse. At our first location in Columbus, Ohio we had an amazing employee gym and some of you came in to workout with us and it was amazing to get to see the faces of our customers and build that relationship that is often lost through e-commerce. What put a pause to that was growth. You all have been too amazing to us! We hit a point in the development of the company where we needed to transition from a new brand to an established name. Making that transition was not easy and some of the parts we loved, like that customer connection, were lost. We have made the transition and now we are going to get that back. I have implemented a few initial strategies to rebuild that connection. 1: Each Friday I am going to spend the day calling customers. I’ll stop once I decide to have a Friday beer. 2: We are going to be sending out surveys to get a better idea of how you all feel about product releases, flavors you may want, etc. 3: I am going to be personally interacting with the questions and reviews you leave on the site. 4: I will do my best to send these monthly company updates.

Now I am going to bring you in the loop on some of the larger developments in the company. Filling in all of the past couple years since my last update would put you to sleep faster than DreamZzz (amazing product 😉).

One thing we have done is invest into vertically integrating the company. We have invested into our own manufacturing facility. This allows us to develop and market test products faster. We have the team to develop amazing products, but the cost to launch each one is so high we needed to be sure we have something you will love. What if nobody likes a new flavor? What if we switch wheatgrass suppliers for the Field of Greens to put in what we think is a better ingredient, but people hate the texture of it (yes, this has happened)? What if we launch a product that we need to sell at a high price to turn a profit, but customers are not willing to pay that much? We are stuck with a warehouse full of product we cannot move or need to discount to a point we are losing money with each unit sold. Now that we will have our own full manufacturing capabilities we can reduce the risk by starting with smaller runs. The means more products for you to try out, and less risk of us running out of stock.

Lastly, we launched Whole in One. Whole in One is under the umbrella of BrickHouse, but the target market is golfers. So while is is fully available on, you can also find them on and at a golf course near you. I would love to dive deep into the science and story behind these bars that took us years to develop, but you can find more about that on (sadly, we sold out rather quickly. We will be restocked in mid-July. Feel free to add your name to the email or text list and you will be the first to receive them once we are restocked). 

As you can see, we have come a long way. You may not fully understand how much you have done by becoming one of our loyal BrickHouse customers. It is not just the jobs you have made it possible for us to add in the companies we own. It is the jobs that each of our ingredient suppliers are able to add when we purchase large orders and give them more business. It is the jobs the label manufacturers are able to add when we purchase from them. The jobs of those who create the equipment for our manufacturing production lines. Each time you hear a commercial for BrickHouse and purchase using that code, that is more dollars we can invest into those shows that allow them to grow. Each time you see an annoying video or display add that creeps you out and you click it to buy a product allows us to bring on more digital advertising partners and designers. None of this can happen without you. We cannot thank you enough. Gaining new customers is extremely expensive to us. We lose money on the hunt to find another one of you - the loyal customer. It is you, the loyal customer, that allows us to stay alive and grow. You, the loyal customer, make all of this possible. You are the customers we need to keep happy and we will do whatever it takes to continue doing so. Thank you so much.

"One Brick at a Time!"


Myles Grimard, CEO BrickHouse Nutrition