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Health is a Commitment

It can take a little while to start seeing results...


"Good health, in my opinion, is maintained by consistency. Especially when it comes to exercise, diet, and supplementation. I love helping others build the best versions of themselves. Let's do it together!"

— Mike Kim

BrickHouse Nutrition, Lead Physician

Field of Greens superfood green powder

Field of Greens

Field of Greens is a product built for those who want to keep their fruit and vegetable intake consistent. Some people feel the effects of Field of Greens on the first glass and some just enjoy the consistent nutritional benefits from every bottle. Field of Greens brings whole food nutrition into a bottle and delivers goodness in each scoop. Make Field of Greens a consistent piece of your journey for great health.

Field of Greens superfood green powder


The key to Radiance is our combination of 5+ collagen types and other collagen peptides. Collagen and their peptides are great for skin and hair. Staying hydrated and eating well assist with the ability of collagen to work effectively. Based on your dietary needs for collagen, the effects of collagen may vary. The benefits of collagen are seen with consistent use in conjunction with good hydration and a healthy diet.

Field of Greens superfood green powder


A Key to a healthy lifestyle is consistent vitamin intake either from your diet or from supplementation. Fortify is a whole food multivitamin with 20+ minerals and vitamins. Build the best you with a healthy diet and consistent vitamin intake with Fortify.

Field of Greens superfood green powder

Dawn to Dusk

Dawn to Dusk is the key to focus and energy. The key combinations of caffeine, teacrine, and huperzine prepare you for every upcoming meeting, game, or contest. There is nothing out there that gives you the ability to retain the focus and energy without the crash thanks to the power of Infinergy. Take this product on a day to day basis to perform your best or take it on an as needed basis.

Field of Greens superfood green powder


Better sleep leads to a better morning and day. Studies have shown that the more sleep one gets leads to improved energy, hormone levels, and focus. Dreamzzz may work instantly or it may take a few dosages to take effect. The capability of dreamzz is based on the baseline levels of sleep hormones in your brain. Take Dreamzzz to assist you with your sleep.

Field of Greens superfood green powder


The Key to Foundation is consistent use accompanied by consistent exercise. Foundation isn't a pre-workout in the traditional sense with heavy caffeine so you don't "feel" it. However, your muscles do. Creatine takes some time for your body to become accustomed to. The Real ATP the muscles can feel and will use immediately. However, the true effects of Foundation are felt over a few weeks of consistent use.

Field of Greens superfood green powder


The key to building solid lean body mass and fat loss requires essential amino acids. The ability for the body to build lean body mass requires the utilization of essential amino acids. If you have just recently come into a solid exercise routine and have supplemented with essential amino acids, it takes a few weeks before the body and the decrease in muscle breakdown can be temperized. It is key to maintain consistent exercise with consistent supplementation of amino acids to decrease muscle soreness and build lean body mass.