Radiance Collagen Science

The Collagen That Finally Does It All

Not all collagen is created equal. The type, source, molecular size, composition, and manufacturing processes can differ greatly between collagen products. Radiance uses a special matrix of collagen that has undergone almost two decades of development, complete with clinical trials.

A graphic describing what collagen does for different parts of the body

The Benefits You Care About

Cartoon drawing of a woman with long hair

Healthy, lustrous hair

A cartoon drawing of bones connecting at the joint

Joint comfort & mobility

A cartoon drawing of a finger nail growing

Strong, beautiful nails

A cartoon drawing of weights

Post-exercise recovery

A drawing of skin layers

Reduce facial lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet

A drawing of skin layers

Skin elasticity and moisture


Perfect for anything, including cooking!


Perfect for hot drinks

Peach Mango

Perfect for cold drinks

A Brickhouse brand shaker bottle sitting on a tennis court

Don't forget to use a shaker!

In order to ensure your Radiance dissolves easily and reaches the perfect drinkability, make sure to snag one of our BrickHouse Shakers.

If you sign up for a recurring subscription, we will toss one in as a free gift!