BrickHouse Cocktail

BrickHouse Amino Acid Cocktail

It's the best day of the week (after chest day, of course). IT'S CHEAT DAY! Grab some pizza, wings, a full wedding cake, or whatever floats your boat and wash it down with our Essential Amino Acid Cocktail. Hey, it's got the Aminos in there so it's a recovery drink, right?

Follow These Simple Steps:

In a BrickHouse Nutrition Shaker:
  1. Add 2oz vodka (preferably Texas's own Tito's)
  2. Add one scoop of Essential Amino Acids
  3. Fill with ice
  4. Top with 8-10oz of water, club soda, or your favorite sparkling soda like LaCroix
  5. Shake!
  6. Strain into the fanciest glass available and garnish with a lemon or lime wedge if you're feeling extra elegant, or just keep it in the shaker
  7. Enjoy your cheat day!

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