Key to Dieting

Dieting. The hot topic all the time when people are eating food. The hot topic when people are training. Which diet to do? Which diet works best? Is there someone who always tells you how you should be eating? Dieting makes me hate food and I don’t want to. I think we have to embrace food and understand that we have been truly over doing it if we even have to talk about dieting. We aren’t talking about dieting for purely aesthetic purposes. We are talking about eating for health, life, and performance.

Let me start off this conversation and be as candid as possible. I come from a long line of diabetics. How did this start? Family immigrated here, poor, and now all of a sudden diabetes is rampant. This has to be a developed country disease. I think it is even more rampant based on where you came from initially. I’m not talking about country but I’m talking about socioeconomic status. Coming from a poor, war torn country and then allowing yourself the fruits of the developed United States changes many things. One thing that it changes is the way we eat. Especially if you have climbed out of your previous socioeconomic, food becomes one of the first things we indulge in.

I come from a country that eats a lot of rice based products. White rice, brown rice, and noodles. Sugar was a treat to the poor kids. They used to have bins filled with sugar. The larger the bin, the richer the family. Poor families didn’t have these bins. So you can see that once you are able to afford some of these things how one can go crazy with it even if you know the health consequences. I’ll continue on this topic as we move forward on our blogs but let me give you some immediate steps that can help you with the healthier eating process.

  • Take it one step at a time. You don’t need to do it all at once. Change one habit. If this is eating better, exercising, shopping better, getting rid of proccesed foods, or cooking together. Accomplish one goal at a time. Personally for me, I would get rid of all the processed garbage out of my house


  • Stop drinking diet sodas. I stopped drinking diet coke about 2 months ago. I was pretty religious about drinking diet coke. I would drink easy 10-12 cans a day without even blinking an eye. Once I stopped, the taste was awful. Then you realize how many actual chemicals are in this drink.

  • Always encourage. Living a healthier lifestyle is hard. In some aspects of this we are like sheep. We will eat ourselves into these bad habits til the point of death. Just chew and chew and chew til its too late. I’m tellin you right now. It’s not too late. Take the first step NOW!

  • Come here and talk to me. I’m here to encourage. I’m here to help. I’m here to push you to your goals. This community is here to bounce ideas off of. This community is here to change generations.


The Architect

The Architect is the head doctor and the head of The BrickHouse Research and Development Team. He had been in the supplement industry developing formulas for many companies before joining BrickHouse. He is consistently studying the latest ingredients bringing the best in nutrition fashion to the world of BrickHouse Nutrition. The Architect lives the life he preaches to everyone. His number one goal is health for you, your family, and for your future generations. When the Architect is not developing nutritional products he is out enjoying a fresh round of golf somewhere in the world or laying the smack down on silly ass weights.