Dr. Eric Serrano’s 4 Step Ab Circuit

An efficient exercise to sculpt a six-pack and increase functional strength

How to Prep for This Ab Circuit

Step1: Set up your benches

To perform this exercise, you’ll need at least 1 bench that you can adjust after every exercise.

If you have access to 4 benches, you can avoid the repetitive adjusting of the single bench by setting each of the 4 to the necessary angle of each exercise.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4

Step 2: Gather your weights

Choose a comfortable set of dumbells that you can typically achieve 15 reps with during normal incline dumbbell press.

Keep the same weight throughout the entire exercise, even if you cannot complete the full 4 reps with each arm.

Exercise #1

  1. Perform 4 reps in a row with one arm, keeping the other extended with a 5-degree bend.
  2. Go as slow as possible. Count up to 4 seconds on the way down.
  3. Once at the bottom, explode up as you press the weight but do not lockout.
  4. Stop at a 5 degree bend at the top.
  5. Repeat, completing 4 reps in a row with the first arm.
  6. Immediately switch to the other arm after your 4th rep, keeping the first arm in the air with a 5-degree bend.


  • Drop your elbow as deep as possible on each rep.
  • Keep your core engaged through every rep.
  • Do NOT lock out your arms as you extend them. Maintain a small 5-degree bend.

Exercise #2

  1. Adjust your bench to the appropriate angle.
  2. Keep the same weight. Do not drop or increase weight.
  3. Perform the same 4 rep, single-arm routine you just completed in exercise 1.

Exercise #3

By this point, your abs should be extremely tired. This angle will be much more challenging. Moving quickly between these steps allows you to target the strength component of the exercise and make it more metabolically challenging. AKA...fat burning.

    1. Adjust your bench to the appropriate angle.
    2. Instead of isolating each arm, you’ll use both simultaneously throughout this exercise.
    3. Complete up to 4 reps total.

Exercise #4

Almost there! It may have been difficult to move between the benches. This is how you know it’s working. Don’t worry, though, the decline is the easiest angle of the 4.

    1. Adjust your bench to the appropriate angle.
    2. Do as many reps as you can (up to 4) with both arms simultaneously
    3. When you can’t press the weight anymore or you’ve reached the 4 rep maximum, you’ve completed the circuit.