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DreamZzz is an all-natural, non-habit-forming sleep aid designed to help anyone wind down from their day.

Clinically validated ingredients, such as GABA, help to induce a night of deep and restful sleep by directly stalling the body’s natural “wake up!” mechanisms. Apigenin, from Chamomile, and Hops compliment GABA by enhancing binding to the sleep receptors in the brain, assisting in the maintenance of a normal circadian rhythm, and reducing anxiety. L-theanine is a unique amino acid known to promote relaxation and take the edge off of stimulants, like caffeine, that is used earlier in the day to get you going while 5-HTP and melatonin work along the serotonin pathway to enhance sedation.

DreamZzz is the ultimate nutritional supplement to get you to sleep fast, improve nightly recuperation, and get you ready for the next day.



Who doesn’t need some better sleep? Studies show how vital sleep is to our overall health, so why not give your body a little help?


This all-natural, non-habit-forming sleep aid promotes relaxation and induces a night of deep and restful sleep to help reduce and control stress. It’s time to sleep like a brick.


As a dietary supplement, take two capsules an hour before sleep daily or as directed by your practitioner.

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Vitamin B6 , Magnesium, Chamomile Flower, GABA, L-Theanine, Hops Flower, Lemon Balm Leaf, Passion Flower, Ziziphus Juju Fruit, 5-HTP, Mucuna Pruriens, Melatonin


Accelerates sleep onset

Helps physically calm the body

Reduces and controls stress

Improves sleep quality

Extends duration of sleep


People have been trying to find the holy grail for sleep aids. One ingredient involved in many sleep aids is magnesium. Studies have shown that many people in the population are magnesium deficient so taking this in a nighttime supplement may prove to be beneficial. Magnesium deficiency may not allow you to function optimally since it is involved in so many enzymatic functions in your heart, brain, and skeletal muscle.

Why did we choose Magnesium bisglycinate?

We wanted one that was highly bioavailable and also one that can cross the blood-brain barrier. Why do we care about the latter? We care about the latter because of its use in our sleep product DREAMZZZ. While all of the other ingredients play a critical role in assisting with sleep, if Magnesium doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier, its likelihood of effectiveness on the brain and sleep is likely minimal.

What you may not have known is that magnesium is a cofactor for the production of GABA, one of our body’s inhibitory neurotransmitters. This allows for the normal production of serotonin. Without these incredible hormones regularly produced, our sleep cycles may become disturbed.

DREAMZZZ formula combines magnesium and other helpful ingredients such as GABA, Hopes flower, 5-HTP, and L-Theanine to assist with a great night’s sleep. Don’t believe us, just give it a shot.

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134 reviews
  • TP
    Teresa P.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 month ago
    DrramZzz works!!

    I have tried many different sleep aids, some worked but with side effects into the next day, some did not work at all. This product works great for me with zero next day side effects. My first night I only took 1 pill because I have a low tolerance for most pills, did not work, took 2 the next night and worked! Woke up the next day refreshed and feeling great! Every body is different, works for me tho!! Thank you!!

  • CO
    Cathy O.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    7 months ago
    Getting to sleep has been a big problem forme

    Sometimes I can not unwind at night. I have prescription medication that helps me get to sleep I would like to stop that medication and take a healthier approach. I will keep taking this as I seen off that medication

  • AJ
    Audra J H.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 years ago
    The real deal!

    I was recently put on swing shift from days, so I needed a natural product that would help me fall asleep immediately when I got home from work. I also have extreme pain in my shoulder that keeps me awake at night. This product definitely helps me get some rest. I noticed the difference immediately. My sons girlfriend that lives with me has the same situation with shift work. She tried it last night and told me this morning it helped her fall asleep immediately. What I like about this product is that there are no after-effects such as grogginess or that "hangover" feeling. As with all Brickhouse products, this is a high quality product that I recommend. Thanks for sponsoring Dan Bongino. I started using the Brickhouse products years ago when you went with Dan. I have never been disappointed by any of the Brickhouse products!

  • JI
    Jan I.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago
    Gentle and Effective

    I like DreamZzz a lot! If I have an evening glass of wine, I often wake and can't get back to sleep. DreamZzz is a gentle and secure way to go back to sleep rather than toss and turn and there are no druggy feelings ever. Gentle and effective when needed.

    BN Profile picture for BrickHouse Nutrition
    BrickHouse Nutrition
    3 weeks ago

    Happy to hear DreamZzz works well for you! Thanks for sharing your positive experience!

  • RH
    Robin H.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    1 month ago
    Life changing

    I try to get plenty of rest but I am still tired all day. The first morning after taking DreamZzz I felt great. It is not hard to wake in the morning and feeling rested has truly been life changing. I will never be without DreamZzz again.

    I will be telling everyone.

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