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The adrenaline kicks in. You’ve been trading pre-market for hours, but the market is about to fully open. You have your swing trades picked out for the week. You’ve been following news feeds, discord channels, Twitter, etc. Your watch list is full of winners. You found a ticker that will go to the moon 🚀, but these shorts are making it tough. You’ll fight it out, slapping the ask and buying the dips all day while telling these shorts and paper hands to eat dirt. The squeeze will come. You saw what happened with $GME. You will HODL cause you’ve got these diamond hands. All the while you’re trying to hide your screens from your boss as he walks through the office.


Power hour is right around the corner and a ticker in your watch list makes a run. A run so big and so fast that it halted. Trading starts again and it keeps running. Nothing can stop this. It isn’t until post-market you realize this was all happening to a stock that was on your watch list, but you missed it completely. You were too burned out by the end of the day and not on your A-game anymore. You missed it. If only you could keep that same energy you started with throughout the trading day… you can. With Dawn to Dusk. Dawn to Dusk is an extended-release energy product that lasts for 10 hours.


Made with effective, high-quality, ingredients, Dawn to Dusk was designed to be a better and healthier alternative to the old fashioned energy supplements. With as little caffeine as a single cup of coffee, Dawn to Dusk provides up to 10 hours of clean energy and helps improve mood, heighten mental focus, and boost productivity.


Unlike coffee and energy drinks where you feel an instant burst of energy and a crash later on, Dawn to Dusk give you a smoother and longer lasting supply of energy with no jitters, no afternoon crash, and of course, with no calories or sugar.


I never worry about needing to be on top of my game when I trade NQ futures. If I need more focus or just need extra edge to watch market this is very helpful. Also I always use Dawn to Dusk for long drives so I'm not fighting to stay awake.

- Michael D

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Who is BrickHouse Nutrition?

BrickHouse Nutrition was founded in 2016 by two brothers from Columbus, Ohio. After being involved in the sports nutrition world for years and seeing shortcomings in the industry, they had the idea to construct a high-quality lifestyle line to fill the void left by today’s big manufacturers.

Working with some of the best names in the industry to formulate their products, they created an entirely different nutrition delivery method that proved to be more efficient than anything that was currently in the market.


Now headquartered in Texas, BrickHouse strives to stay on the cutting edge of nutraceutical innovation. Our team works relentlessly to formulate the best science and research based products on the market today. Aimed at improving your health, performance, and overall life, BrickHouse helps build a better you, One Brick at a Time!