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Love It

I take it before and after workouts as directed. On non workout days I do tend to forget. I do get at least one serving on those days. If there is one minor problem, directions call for one serving. I’m guessing a serving is mixed with eight ounces of liquid? Thanks for the lemon lime flavor and not being a bland tasting product.

Love this product

I am a cancer survivor that just finished chemotherapy 1-1/2 years ago and I wanted something to help me with nutrition and greens and fruits I was recommended this item from my father in-law we both watch Fox and love Dan Bonjeno who endorsed this product. Knowing he also has battened cancer as I, I decided to give it a try. After getting my first shipping of the Field of greens after 1-2 weeks of mixing in my am smoothie, I finally started to get some of my stamina and energy back and feeling better. I had been feeling as though I was weak after chemotherapy and wanted to get back to normal. This has helped me feel more energetic like my old self and the only reason I didn’t give a 6+ was I have had problems with the shipping and it takes a long time to get. Other than that issue a great product.

Great stuff!

Feel more energized. Taste great. Couldn’t be happier. I do wish shipping was more expedient, but not a negative. Very friendly and great service ! Can’t wait for a banana/strawberry flavor ;) Thanks again!

Great Product

This product is real food not extract. I’m getting my veggies and the product tastes great.

Chris and Kim,s review

All i know is that its Nutritional and nice to the taste.Its all good,love all the products.Worthy of the Five stars!

Since I began Field of Green, or should I say field of great causer that's how I feel, GREAT!

Tastes great and packed with whole food nutrients which are easily accessed by the body, fantastic product!

Love it!!!

Love this stuff. Not to get a personal but I have IBS-D. Look it up. Makes me "regular" its a beautiful thing. You would understand if you knew.

Works Great For Me!

I was using a different creatine product, also in pill form, but a slightly less amount per serving. After hearing Bongino talk about Brickhouse, I decided to give Foundation a shot. I've been on it for a couple months now and I do believe it's making a big difference. I'm seeing gains in the amount of weight I can lift and endurance nearly every week (yes, week!). I'm guessing that the ATP is the "secret sauce" that really makes this creatine supplement stand out, and in my experience, perform better than others. With my first order, I also got a handwritten note thanking me for the order, which I appreciated. I highly recommend this product!

Easy convenient way to get your veggies that might be missing from your diet. Took some getting used to the flavor but now is easy to drink. Great addition to a healthy diet.

3rd time is the charm

I have been using the original for a while..then i tried the berry which was good but then i got the lemon lime and i found the flavor i really like. Still has all the benfits of the original product with a great taste thats not too overpowering.

Great Product

Good taste and only product I could find with the real ingredients for vegetables and fruits and sources of antioxidants. I have been using daily in a smoothie.

Great Product

I love this product. When I first started. I wasn't consistent about taking it after my workouts and wasn't feeling it. Since I have become more consistent about taking Essential Amino Acids after my workouts, my "old" muscles are as cranky and recovery time is much less. Another thing is no stomach upset, which happened with other recovery products. Thank you again Brickhouse for creating another great product.

Delicious flavor

Field of Greens, Wildberry flavor, has a great flavor. I use it in orange juice!

'It Works!'

Was pleased all around, good product, even better service, keep my subscription coming...

Bongino Recommends a Winner Product

I like this product .I take it in the morning and I get a boost of energy.I will recommend this to anybody

Great Product!

Brickhouse Nutrition really does improve my workout performance, I can tell a difference from days where I do and do not use the product before a workout, and there really is a great improvement in the intensity of my workout when taking it.

Essential Amino Acids

Love knowing I am getting all the essential amino acids. I mix it with my Field of Greens!


A needed supplement in my diet, tasty product, and I feel improvements.

Getting bigger hurts

At almost fiddy my imaginary friend decided to add25lbs of muscle mass one pushups at a time building strong foundation 😜

Wild Berry

Love the Wild Berry. I drink two glasses a day. Great stuff!

Excellent product! I really enjoy it!

I gave this a try because my eating habits aren’t the best because of my work schedule and Dan Bongino is always talking about how amazing the product is. It’s absolutely amazing! The only thing I wished was different was that it dissolved more in the liquid but it’s still a great product. I can’t wait to finish this one so I can try the other one that’s offered.

Field Of Greens Wildberry Flavor

I just started taking this product 6 weeks ago. The Wildberry Flavor was amazing and I made the decision to subscribe to get it every month.
After the first jar I went from taking this once a day to twice a day. It not only tastes good but it makes me feel great after my workouts.

. 😋

Really love it !!!@ mixes well with my smoothies in morning.

Field of Greens Wildberry

It looks really green, but it tastes great! I feel great knowing I'm getting the best nutrients in a glass!

Favorite so far

Love the citrus flavor with a subtle spicy finish