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Love my Field of Greens- Wildberry!

I normally put my Field of Greens into my breakfast smoothie, and absolutely love it!! Keep up the great work Brickhouse!

Field of Greens Wildberry

Love it! It's a great start to my day after my morning workout. Give it a try. The Wildberry is delicious...

Great Superfood for the Body

I was watching the Dan Bongino podcast and one of his sponsors was Brickhouse Nutrition. Dan raved about it and I jumped on the website and placed my order. I'm so glad I did. I'm loving my Fields of Greens. You will as well! Give it a try! You won't regret it.

Love this product!

In my quest to boost my immune system, I was introduced to Field of Greens. I decided to try it & have been very satisfied. I chose the wildberry flavor & love it! I just mix it in a glass of water. So quick & easy! I feel confident that I am giving my body the nutrients it needs to promote good health. I highly recommend Field of Greens.

Like getting in my fruits and veggies in one drink.

Thought I’d try after hearing on Dan Bongino’s podcast. I’ve only been using about a week. I purchased wild berry and it tastes ok. I just put in water so it’s a tad grainy so you have to shake really well. I seem to feel fuller longer and I do seem to have more energy!

Good Stuff

Tried this based on a recommendation from a website (Dan Bongino). The taste was a lot better than I expected and mix it in with my after workout shake. Had an issue with an order that customer service took care of immediately.

Field of Greens

I drink this product every day. I find myself looking forward to it. It is refreshing mixed in water and a great afternoon snack. I prefer the regular flavor over the Wild Berry but both are good.

Working Well For Me

I bought the 2 pack variety pack, to try them both. The berry flavor is too sweet, it elevated my blood sugars a little too much for my liking (I’m type 2 diabetic) so my husband is using that one since he isn’t diabetic. The regular flavor does better for me though and I’ve been having 1 scoop a day in my shaker cup with some water it really blends it well. It seems to be helping my digestive system and I do feel a lot better lately with more energy. I’m going to stick with this product for awhile!! I also do keto/low carb diet and I’m not big on eating veggies so this helps get my servings of veggies in each day. Most fruits and vegetables anyway cause painful bloating and digestive problems.

A huge thank you to Dan Bongino for his ads on this product we hear from his show all the time. Field of Greens is truly an awesome, beneficial, nutritional must have in my daily routine/diet!! :)

Feel good

I have noticed a difference sense I started taking this product, just a feeling of health. The only downside is that it doesn’t dissolve easily, and is a little grainy. I mix it in warm water first and then add cool water to it but it is still grainy. I am going to try the flavor one next time I order.

Love it!!!

I love the wildberry, my husband and I take it every morning. I love that it taste good and it makes you feel good. Thank you for such a great product. Keep up that work all of you are doing!!!😀

Two Thumbs Up

Field of greens has made such a tremendous impact on my overall health. I highly recommend it 👍👍

Field of Greens
It really is an excellent product, only 1 minor downer, but still 5 star!

I am Canadian, so forgive me for any extra vowels in my words and such :)
This is the kind of product that goes great in a smoothie....but i hate smoothies. If it was a little less gritty, I could probably drink it in straight water, as the flavour is really is good! And I got the unflavoured!
After about 3.5 weeks, I definitely felt I had a little more energy, and my blood pressure has dropped a few points.
Even better, gastro-intestinal problems I've had for almost 30 years have been greatly reduced, to the point where I'm now off the medications I was using for control.

I'm not a fan of the texture, but I am a fan overall.
Think I'm going to try the new Lemon-Lime. Should be good in some grapefruit juice!
Dan Bongino recommends, and I agree. It's worth it! Thank you Brickhouse!

12/10 - would recommend!

Great taste, even better product!

I heard about BrickHousse Nutrition from the Dan Bongino Show. I’ve always loved health and wellness and have been an athlete all my life so I wanted to give this a try. I will never go to another supplement carrier ever again! Field of Greens makes me feel more reguvinated, and it tastes great too!! Thank you Brickhouse for all you do!

Happy user

Good tasting... it's now a 'must have' first thing in the morning... helps get the mind moving

Energy and Digestion at 81

Hi! This is my 12th day of using the product, both flavors of greens. The 'red' one is too sweet for me, so I mix 1/2 of that with 1/2 of the 'green' one and that works. I've been using a different brand for the past month, but Field of Greens in 12 days solved some intestinal problems that the other one didn't. I haven't gotten trained well on the twice a day routine, but that is my intent. I actually like the taste - mix in water and don't need to disguise it. Dan Bongino introduced this through his Rumble video. I am 81 so anything that keeps my stamina and health at optimum is a blessing. So far so good and I will continue to use it. Thanks for a good product.

Feed back

I love the product. After hearing the ad on the Dan Bonginos pod cast.

Thanks so much!

Good flavor

Well , pleasantly surprised by the taste !! It has a good taste ... I just finished another brand which was tough to swallow... if you know what I mean?🤢......Brickhouse greens have a good taste . 😁


I feel great. I needed that rest. Thank you.

Field of Greens Wildberry

Great product, great taste, peace of mind knowing my fruits and veggies are covered! I’ve found it goes great with a vanilla protein shake

another good product

I always like the products i have tried from brickhouse..this was an easy addition to the daily shake. Mixes very easily and the Vanilla is very tasty. I am hoping to see results from this as its still a little early.


Shipping is quick and efficient. And the quick delivery is important, because it is delicious!! I use both flavors and both taste great. Highly recommended!!! Kudos to Dan Bongino for making me aware of this great nutritional product!!

Great product

Excellent product. Delicious way to get your daily green vegetables - both flavors. Powder dissolves immediately. Highly recommend this product.

Green power!!!

I LOVE, LOVE this product. I am a Dan Bongino follower and hear him brag about the product so often, so I decided to try it. I love the variety of fruits and veggies that are in this product. I use a scoop in my protein shake in the mornings and sometimes I will drink a glass at night. It has a sweet flavor and very, very green!!!

Just what I needed

I heard about your products on our favorite Pod Casts and so I decided to try. All I can say is WOW. I'm a 51 year old truck driver that was needing some help with my nutrition intake and with my starter pack of Field of Greens & Fortify I have seen a drastic improvement in my moods and energy. After a 2 weeks of use my second order is in and I will be a customer for life. Thanks Brick House


Love this product !! Awesome taste.