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We believe in creating the best powdered greens using a science-backed formulas that uses 100% real, USDA-organic fruits and vegetables.

(None of those extracts that other vegetable powders use!)


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Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free

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Full Serving of Vegetables  

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Full Serving of Fruits

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Real Foods, Not Extracts

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Natural Source of Vitamins and Minerals

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Safe for the Whole Family

Give Your Body the Nutrition it Craves with Field of Greens


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“I’ve been more health conscious more than ever lately. I recently tried out Field of Greens and have been putting it in my smoothies, or simply with water. The powder gives me a full serving of veggies, fruits & antioxidant powder and it tastes yummy.”

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“Historically I’ve had to dry scoop my greens powders because I just couldn’t get them down, but Field of Greens, no fluff, is GREAT!”

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“If you know me, you know I absolutely love health/fitness. I truly believe that supplements are a GREAT way to help build, detox, lean etc. I think it’s important for you to research what you put in your body as all supplements are not the same. I’m a huge greens girl and I genuinely favor these more than most greens. As pilots, this is a great supplement for travel days. Nothing replaces actual food in most cases but greens are good for the days you don’t have time or simply can’t get your greens in.”

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Field of Greens Nutrition Facts Panel