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Like you, we’ve all struggled getting to those early tee times after a bit of a late night with the fellas. Whether it's nodding off at the turn, getting dazed on the approach shot, or simply not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, we often rely on pots of coffee or sugary energy drinks to make it through the day. That's why we came up with Dawn to Dusk.

Made with effective, high-quality, ingredients, Dawn to Dusk was designed to be a better and healthier alternative to the old fashioned energy supplements. With as little caffeine as a single cup of coffee, Dawn to Dusk provides up to 10 hours of clean energy and helps improve mood, heighten mental focus, and boost productivity.

Unlike coffee and energy drinks where you feel an instant burst of energy and a crash later on, Dawn to Dusk gives you a smoother and longer lasting supply of energy with no jitters, no crash, and of course, with no calories or sugar.






The Evolution of Dawn to Dusk

What does it take to maintain athletic focus at a consistently high level at all times? How can you apply this type of focus to every facet of your life, not just in athletic endeavors? What can you do to maintain focus for the amount of time necessary to generate a result that is championship-worthy? These are the questions that led us to develop Dawn to Dusk.

We wanted a way to attain and prolong the level of focus afforded by caffeine, without the crash and cover the inefficiencies inherent in regular caffeine use and fight the multiple cup habit many people fall into.

When development began, we had a simple goal: provide enough caffeine to super athletes who were high caffeine users so they wouldn’t need endless cups of coffee throughout the day. Athletes sometimes space their caffeine ingestion inappropriately or at odd times – just to get through the day, never mind focus!

After pushing past the dosage limits, we reformulated the product to a dosage tailored for the everyday person, allowing them to get through their workday and weekend activities more efficiently.

As the different reiterations of Dawn to Dusk have come across our table, we’ve received solid feedback from the several types of users. Throughout the trial periods, we tested the product out on the recreational poker player, the weekend golfer, the weekend obstacle course racer, and the rock climber.

Once we had finally found the right combination of ingredients and the right dosage that would allow our users to swing a golf club at the same level of power, speed and focus throughout the three hours, we had Dawn to Dusk.

"This is an excellent energy booster! I take it as soon as I wake up and within minutes I'm awake and ready to go. No more waiting for my coffee to brew. I also do not experience any side effects. No jittery feeling or crashing hard at the end of the day."

Olin P.

"I have really been impressed with Dawn to Dusk by Brickhouse. It has resulted in me reducing other Rx ways of keeping focus up so I am using less medication. There is no buzz to it, just hightened attention and focus capacity."

John O.

"Dawn to Dusk promptly ended my years of addiction to energy drinks that contain chemicals I can't pronounce. DTD is everything as advertised to increased mental cognition and physical energy improvement."

Duane B.

Your Solution

A powerful combination of ingredients work together to help you feel motivated and focus better than ever before.

Find your right dosage. Wether it's one capsule or two, by the time we send your next order you'll be firing away on all cylinders.

Feel the power, boost your performance and your grades, and let us worry about sending your next shipment.

Article Review: Caffeine’s effect on professional golfer performance in 2-day tournament

This article examined the effect of caffeine supplementation throughout a 36-hole golf study over the course of 2-days (18 holes each day). As an incentive for performance a $1000 purse was divided to the top finishers. 12 male golfers with a USPGA handicap between 3-10 and an average age of 34 (+/- 14yrs) were recruited as subjects. The study design was a simple yet well-respected randomized double-blind cross-over study. Breaking this down: First, the researchers randomly divided the 12 golfers into two 6-man groups, and what makes it double-blind is that the researchers didn’t know which golfer was assigned to which group. This is essential to remove the researcher bias of wanting the experiment to succeed. Lastly, “cross-over study” means that on day 1 let’s say “group A” receives the caffeine supplement while “group B” receives the placebo. On day two, it switches with group A now receiving the placebo, and group B receiving the caffeine supplement. This protocol eliminates the chance of one group being significantly more sensitive to the caffeine supplement.

The researchers did the correct statistical analysis for the data which was a multiple t-test analysis with Bonferroni corrections. And found:


Significant – Performance significantly increased with caffeine supplement

  • Total score
  • Greens in regulation (GIR)
  • Drive distance
  • Questionnaire-> energy and fatigue

Not Significant – Caffeine performance doesn’t differ from placebo

  • HR
  • Breathing rate
  • Peak trunk acceleration
  • Putt posture

Our Take:

The most important metric to consider in this study is total score because for golf, this is the only variable that matters in determining a winner and a loser. All the other performance variables examined in this study can be considered sub-variables for researchers to try to create a detailed understanding of which specific part of their golf game is improving from caffeine supplementation. Looking at the full picture, we would conclude that caffeine has both a psychological and physical effect on one’s golf game. Drive distance and GIR significance reveal that the golfers are striking the ball more consistently and possibly with more power. On the psychological end, the questionnaire revealed that the golfers subjectively felt more energetic and less fatigued throughout the day, even though the energy expenditure was unchanged. Extrapolating this data to other sports, I believe that caffeine can provide benefit to anaerobic sports by increasing precision and power production, and benefits to aerobic sports by increasing overall time-to-exhaustion. In addition, caffeine has also been shown to attenuate negative short-term effects of sleep deprivation including reaction time and decision-making ability.

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Since its inception, the Dawn to Dusk product has been used and beloved by those seeking a sustained level of energy and focus throughout the day without the help of any additional coffee Simply put, Dawn to Dusk extends the life of caffeine for double the amount of effectiveness.

Dawn to Dusk can be used by anyone, super athlete or the average joe, to enhance their everyday performance.

Now get up and catch the best version of yourself. Grab yourself a bottle Dawn to Dusk and see what the hype is about. Let us know how your day on the green went.


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Who is BrickHouse Nutrition?

BrickHouse Nutrition was founded in 2016 by two brothers from Columbus, Ohio. After being involved in the sports nutrition world for years and seeing shortcomings in the industry, they had the idea to construct a high-quality lifestyle line to fill the void left by today’s big manufacturers.

Working with some of the best names in the industry to formulate their products, they created an entirely different nutrition delivery method that proved to be more efficient than anything that was currently in the market.

Now headquartered in Texas, BrickHouse strives to stay on the cutting edge of nutraceutical innovation. Our team works relentlessly to formulate the best science and research based products on the market today. Aimed at improving your health, performance, and overall life, BrickHouse helps build a better you, One Brick at a Time!