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The Only Legitimate ATP

PeakATP® was developed through extensive research trials conducted by Dr. Eliezer Rapaport, the world's leading expert in adenosine nucleotides, PEAK ATP is, simply put, the one and only REAL ATP supplement.

Independent, double blind studies show that only PEAK ATP effectively elevates ATP levels in the bloodstream and body tissues. The Peak ATP supplement enhances the delivery of glucose, nutrients and oxygen to working and recovering muscles and provides an efficient mechanism for removal of catabolic waste products, such as lactic acid.

With over 50 published, peer-reviewed studies, Rapaport makes the case that PEAK ATP results in the IMMEDIATE expansion of ATP levels in the liver, blood and plasma. Only PEAK ATP is proven to increase circulating ATP pools, thereby stimulating blood flow and delivery of oxygen and nutrients.  

    Protected by the following use patents:
    Patent US 6,723,737 B1: Body Composition
    Patent US 7,629,329 B2: Muscle Mass and Strength
    Patent US 5,547,942: Blood Flow and Vascular Function