Essential Amino Acids

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Essential amino acids are crucial compounds that support several daily functions in your body.

Only 9 are considered ‘essential’ because your body does not naturally produce them. They must be obtained through your diet or supplementation.

Our amino acid formula contains every essential amino acid plus a few others that are of unique importance to athletes and busy people. It’s perfect for use during strenuous training or in conjunction with a monitored diet lacking in proper nutrition.

Make sure your body gets what it needs to maximize your performance and function properly.

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Phenylalanine: supports your organs.

Valine: stimulates muscle growth.

Leucine: regulates blood sugar.

Lysine: supports immune function.

Arginine: improves blood circulation.

Isoleucine: supports muscle tissue.

Tryptophan: regulates mood, sleep, pain.

Methionine: slows cell aging.

Threonine: facilitates fat metabolism.

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Directions: Take one serving in between meals, prior to, or immediately after workout. For best results take one serving before and immediately after workouts. On non-training days take 1 serving between meals.

“This is a must have to keep MY BODY FEELING 100%”

-- Karyl Weston

Customer Reviews

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Good stuff!

I’m new to working out and this stuff gives me more energy and helps my recovery time. Tastes great too!

Essential Amino Acids

The citrus mix is great tasting. I actually enjoy drinking it after my morning runs. For the last couple of years, I have been unable to perform on the second day of back to back training days. I had muscle fatigue and soreness. After a week of the amino acids, I had a noticeable difference in performance. Pushed it on Monday and achieved my goal and then I came back on Tuesday and crushed the workout with the best times I have seen in a couple years. Better yet.... I was not hobbling around sore the rest of the day. I can not wait for my next 5k race.

Great taste

I had no idea that the flavor was lemon/lime. I even mix it with Bragg's apple cider vinegar - the mixture is not in the least bitter. Great product

Great product!

I started taking this 3 weeks ago (I have been using the Field of Greens for almost 3 months now) since I started ramping up my running miles and I am definitely not feeling as sore as I usually am when I increase my running miles in the fall. This will be on my re-order list!

The real deal

Huge fan of all the brickhouse products. The combination of Foundation and essential amino acids. Have give me the best results I have had in thirty years of training