Organic Green Pepper

Bell peppers have been around a long time- think 3000 B.C long. According to archaeological data, they were used by the Aztecs and seemed to be native to Central America, but can now be found in numerous other parts of the world- especially countries with warm climates. Green peppers are simply unripened red bell peppers, belonging to the species Capsicum annum, and are part of the nightshade family that includes tomatoes and potatoes.

Data suggests that they were used for medicinal purposes, and not necessarily for cooking and flavor enhancement.

sliced and diced green peppers

What Nutrients Do Green Bell Peppers Contain?

They contain Vitamin A, C, and B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, folate, and pantothenic acid. They also contain potassium and magnesium. Green peppers are a surprising source of calcium and iron as well.

They tend to not be as sweet as the red varieties since they are unripe, and as a result have less overall sugar. This makes them a healthier choice- especially if you are trying to lose weight.

In terms of phytonutrients, green bell peppers contain a high concentration of beta-carotene and lutein. They also have a significant amount of zeaxanthin, an important carotenoid for the eye. Lycopene, quercetin, and luteolin round-up phytonutrients found in this powerhouse of a superfruit.

What Can Organic Green Pepper Do For You?

Help Prevent Cancer: Green bell peppers are rich in phytonutrients, particularly the aforementioned lycopene, beta-carotene, and lutein. These compounds help fight cancer by neutralizing free radicals that damage DNA and play a role in carcinogenesis (the production of cancer).

Boost Immunity: The high Vitamin C content of green pepper can help bolster immunity by fighting off free radicals, increasing white blood cell count (a common marker of immune health), and bolstering the thymus gland (where T-cells are created).

Promote Weight Loss: Green peppers are low in calories and contain no fat whatsoever. They also have a high water content which is an important component of weight loss. In combination with a lower calorie intake, green peppers can help you lose weight.

Slow Down Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Green peppers are high in zeaxanthin, an important carotenoid found primarily in the retina of the eye. Studies show that it can help slow macular degeneration and prevent cataracts, which is a common condition as we age.

Boost Cardiovascular Health: Green bell peppers contain potassium which helps regulate blood pressure and lower risk of heart disease. All in all, a very comprehensive solution to decrease oxidative and inflammatory load which increased cardiac risk.