Organic Beet

The beet is a root vegetable that is related to the Swiss chard and spinach. It has a long history, dating back to the ancient Egyptians, who are thought to have been the first to popularize it, although it is truly native to the cool Mediterranean region.

Beets were also popular in Ancient Greece and Rome. They were used as a food crop, as well as for medicinal purposes.

Today, while the roots are commonly used, the leaves of the beet are also edible and quite nutritious. Beets are available both fresh and canned and can be used in a variety of dishes. They grow well in cooler climates and are fairly resistant to frost.

beets cut in half

What Nutrients Do Beets Have?

Vitamins: beets are a good source of vitamins A, B6, folate, and Vitamin C.

Minerals: beets are a good source of potassium, magnesium, and iron.

Phytonutrients: beets contain betalains, which are unique phytonutrients that give beets their characteristic red color. Betalains are also powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties, and hold on to organic nitrates, which promote nitric oxide production in the body.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Beets?

Lower Blood Pressure: the nitrates in beets are converted into nitric oxide in the body, which helps to relax and widen blood vessels, improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure.

Detoxify The Body: beets are a rich source of fiber and water, which helps to detoxify the body and improve digestion.

Regulate Blood Sugar Levels: beets are a low-glycemic food, meaning that they do not cause a spike in blood sugar levels. This makes them a good choice for people with diabetes or prediabetes.

Reduce Inflammation: the betalains, as well as other antioxidants in beets, help to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Boost Brain Function: the nitrates in beets have been shown to improve blood flow to the brain, which can enhance cognitive function and protect against age-related decline.

Improve Male Sexual Function- the male enhancement industry is a multi-billion dollar one, with many products seeking to increase the body's natural production of nitric oxide. This compound can promote blood flow and erectile function. The presence of the organic nitrates in beets can serve as a natural means to mitigate sexual dysfunction.