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Article: Type V Collagen: Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

what is type V collagen

Type V Collagen: Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

By now, you are probably acquainted with the most popular collagen subtypes. And yet, while types I, II and III receive the lion’s share of the spotlight, type V can be considered the “Cinderella” collagen, working in the background to get the rest of the, ready for the grand show.

Where Can Type V Collagen Be Found?

Collagen type V is not very popular, being only produced by the body in very small quantities. It is, however, found in many cell types, where it has a supporting role to play.

Places you can find this collagen include:

The Eye

type V collagen for eye health

Ever wondered what the lens of the eye is made up of? Youve won the million-dollar prize if you answered collagen. To be precise, it makes up the stroma of the cornea, the vitreous humor and also the sclera- the white of your eye.

The Placenta

Type V collagen also plays an integral role in the development of a pregnant woman's placenta, which is the organ that is attached to the inner lining of the womb. The placenta acts as a sort of safety seal that protects the fetus from environmental hazards.

Hair Follicles

While collagen type V does not make up hair follicles themselves, they do coat around the follicles.

Under the skin

Collagen type V can be found in the dermis and epidermis of skin along with several other collagen subtypes.

With Type I Collagen

Type V is found in many of the same places where type 1 is localized, including bone, muscle (smooth and skeletal), along with walls of the lung and liver.

Functions of Type V Collagen

Type I collagen supplement

Regulates Triple Helix Formation

While it is easy to just assume that all collagens do the same thing, type V is special in the sense that it is a sort of “master” collagen. What this means is that is actually helps types I and II collagen to form their characteristic 3 chain helix. In the absence of this collagen, structural defects can occur.

Supports Insulin Secretion

Collagen type V has the interesting function of helping to mediate normal function of the Islet cells found in the pancreas.

Lining Of Various Organs

Type V can be found on the surface of many organs including the placenta, lung, liver and blood vessel walls. This type usually occurs along with other subtypes to enhance the structural integrity of these areas.

How To Increase Levels Of Type V Collagen

It isn’t as easy to increase your levels of type V collagen as it is for types I, II and III collagens, being only really naturally found in eggshell membrane. But then again, who is eating eggshells for breakfast? Because of this, supplementation is the only real way to go.

Even supplements that deliver this collagen subtype are considerably rare.

Collagen Type V Precautions

On a note similar to that of type III collagen, you need to be careful not to overdo the consumption of type V. There is a strong link between excessively high levels and scar formation.

In extreme cases, fibrosis can occur that completely alters function of healthy cells. Other complications of overexpression/overconsumption of this collagen type include atherosclerotic disease, local of corneal transparency (opaque layer covering your eyes) and even cancer.

Importance of Collagen V For Athletes

what collagen is best for athletes

While type V collagen plays more of a supporting role in the grander scheme of things, by helping to regulate fibrillation of other collagen subtypes it lends itself to their benefits.

Using a product that contains all subtypes of collagen is the best way to benefit from exercise, as it also stimulates protein synthesis for recovery.

Where To Buy Type V Collagen

Type V collagen can be bough as a standalone supplements but it is much more effective when combined with Type II, III, and IV collagen. That's why Brickhouse Nutrition created Radiance. A collagen powerhouse clinically proven to promote active joints and healthy connective tissues to battle against the wear-and-tear of everyday life.

In Summary

Just because this is a lesser-known collagen type does this mean that you should exclude it from your diet. Yes, it is natively synthesized in the body, but it is in your interest to optimize its levels for synergistic benefit with other collagen subtypes.


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