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Article: Improving Your Golf Game with Dawn to Dusk

Improving Your Golf Game with Dawn to Dusk

Improving Your Golf Game with Dawn to Dusk

The PGA championships are ahead of us! Which reminds me of a couple of questions I get from my golf buddies right around this time. What does it take to maintain athletic focus at a consistently high level at all times? How can you apply this type of focus to every facet of your life, not just in athletic endeavors? What can you do to maintain focus for the amount of time necessary to generate a result that is championship-worthy?

Clearly, they had lots of questions and wanted me to ‘formulate’ some answers. So I did.

Why I developed Dawn to Dusk

As a product formulator at BrickHouse Nutrition, my job is to match the results of a supplement to the needs of its users. With Dawn to Dusk, I wanted a way to attain and prolong the level of focus afforded by caffeine, without the crash.

I created an extended release caffeine supplement (D2D), to cover the inefficiencies inherent in regular caffeine use and fight the multiple cup habit many people fall into.

When development began, I had a simple goal: provide enough caffeine to super athletes who were high caffeine users so they wouldn’t need endless cups of coffee throughout the day. Athletes sometimes space their caffeine ingestion inappropriately or at odd times – just to get through the day, never mind focus!

Then, after pushing past the dosage limits, I reformulated the product to a dosage tailored for the everyday person, allowing them to get through their workday and weekend activities more efficiently.

The Golf Swing Elixir

As the different reiterations of D2D have come across my table, we’ve received solid feedback from the several types of users. Throughout the trial periods, I tested the product out on the recreational poker player, the weekend golfer, the weekend obstacle course racer, and the rock climber.

I myself am an avid weekday/weekend golfer who just wants to stay focused for those three hours on the course.

So, after engaging in some personal trials, I knew I had finally found the right combination of ingredients and at the right dosage that would allow me to swing my golf club at the same level of power, speed and focus throughout the three hours.

This is how D2D started and this is how it continues to evolve.

Why users love Dawn to Dusk

Since its inception, the D2D product has been used and beloved by those seeking a sustained level of energy and focus throughout the day without the help of any additional coffee.

Simply put, Dawn to Dusk extends the life of caffeine for double the amount of effectiveness.

I know that this is the reason why D2D has been so successful. It can be used by anyone, super athlete or the average joe, to enhance their everyday performance.

Now get up and catch the best version of yourself. Grab yourself a bottle Dawn to Dusk and see what the hype is about. Let us know how your day on the green went.

Oh, and...Go TIGER!



The Architect is the head doctor and the leader of The BrickHouse Research and Development Team. He has been in the supplement industry developing formulas for many companies before joining the BHN team, and consistently studies the latest ingredients to bring the best nutrition the world has to offer to our products. His number one goal is health for you, your family, and for your future generations. The Architect lives the life he preaches to everyone. When he's not developing nutritional products you can often find him enjoying a fresh round of golf or laying the smack down in the weight room.


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