Fix Your Daily Regiment

Hello Brickhouse Family. The Architect here. I want to thank you guys for stopping by and reading this blog. I want to share with you what's been on my mind lately in regards to my daily regimen. It's been a lot harder to stay completely focused because of my work schedule. We all hit this rut don't we? We try to figure out what's going on, what's taking up so much of our time, and then we realize the day is over. We forget to eat right. We forget to workout. We forget to drink enough water. Does this resonate with you?

I've told myself that I wouldn't allow myself to get to this point in my life but I think it's almost impossible. If this is inevitable, how do we bounce back? That is the ultimate question. How do we get back on track to where we were? Sometimes there are no guidelines, no blueprints, or a script. I'm going to try and help you out.

1. You have to force yourself to get up.

2. Always have a daily plan. Maybe this means putting tasks on a post it, making sure tasks are on your smartphone. Whatever it is. Have a plan for the day.  

3. Make sure you are eating right. Keep a solid reminder that certain foods for the longevity of your health are just off limits at high quantities. Just don't do it. If you are having a hard time getting veggies, or greens, grab some Field of Greens.

4. Workout regularly. You gotta get your body reset, time for the hormones to flow, and ultimately for the better of your health. Keep on moving that body and give yourself some heart rate variability. If weight loss is your goal, heart rate variability is vital. If overall health is your goal, heart rate variability is necessary.

5. Get Good Sleep. Put the Smartphone down an hour before going to bed. Don't look back at it. Put it down. Put it in sleep mode. If people really need you, they will break past the do not disturb mode. You don't have to be on social media. your longevity for the next day and good sleep depends on your mind relaxing.


The Architect is the head doctor and the head of The BrickHouse Research and Development Team. He had been in the supplement industry developing formulas for many companies before joining BrickHouse. He is consistently studying the latest ingredients bringing the best in nutrition fashion to the world of BrickHouse Nutrition. The Architect lives the life he preaches to everyone. His number one goal is health for you, your family, and for your future generations. When the Architect is not developing nutritional products he is out enjoying a fresh round of golf somewhere in the world or laying the smack down on silly ass weights.