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Article: Collagen Type X: Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

What is type X collagen

Collagen Type X: Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

Collagen type X is a specialized collagen subtype that does not possess the standard utility collagens are known for. It is only found in very small amounts, with the bulk being synthesized during early childhood growth phases during endochondral ossification[i].

Where is Collagen Type X Found?

type X collagen for bones

Type X collagen predominates within bones and hypertrophic chondrocytes[ii]; the cells that produce collagen. It is concentrated toward the ends of the bones that have attained maturity.

Roles Of Type X Collagen

Collagen X functions heavily to regulate bone mineralization. This is useful during periods of time following injury to the bone, such as fractures. Here it also assists with the remodeling of cartilage to ensure mobility is maintained post-recovery.

In addition to this, collagen type X expression is noticeably higher in people with osteoarthritis, whose bodies may be trying to stimulate new bone and cartilage growth in an effort to combat the degradation ongoing.

Sadly, however, this does pan out well as there aren’t success stories of people getting “cured” of arthritis from collagen supplementation.

How Can I Increase Levels Of Collagen Type X In My Body?

For the most part, type X collagen is synthesized on an as-needed basis, when new bone or cartilage is required. There isn’t much other reason for you to elevate this collagen subtype.

However, if there is a medical reason why you should be doing so, the best way to achieve this is via consumption of foods that have a wide spectrum of collagen subtypes, such as bone broth, or more specifically eggshell membrane and chicken cartilage.

Supplements might be another excellent route to go as convenience plays a major role in how stringently you follow your dosage protocol.

Collagen Type X Benefits For Athletes

type X collagen for athletes

Training is tough. There’s a reason they say you pay with blood, sweat, and tears to truly become great, and that’s because it can take all you have.

This frequently includes broken bones and displaced joints. The recuperation time for these injuries can range from weeks to months, causing you to lose precious time.

This is one of the ways collagen type X can help. By supporting bone growth and mineralization, along with chondrocytosis, you can cut down the recovery time and ensure your body is capable of regaining what it once had.

Where To Buy Type X Collagen

Type X collagen can be bough as a standalone supplements but it is much more effective when combined with Type II, III, and IV collagen. That's why Brickhouse Nutrition created Radiance. A collagen powerhouse clinically proven to promote active joints and healthy connective tissues to battle against the wear-and-tear of everyday life.

In Summary

Collagen type X may not be some trendy or cool, member of the collagen family, but it serves an essential function, especially during active growth phases. It doesn’t hurt to consume some foods naturally rich in it, but you also need to realize that its primary role is to maintain bone and cartilage health and not necessarily to outshine the more popular subtypes in I and II


  • Shen G. The role of type X collagen in facilitating and regulating endochondral ossification of articular cartilage. Orthod Craniofac Res. 2005;8(1):11-17. doi:10.1111/j.1601-6343.2004.00308.x

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