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BrickHouse Nutrition was created by two brothers who have been involved in the sports nutrition world for years. After seeing shortcomings in the industry, they had the idea to construct a high-quality supplement line to fill the void left by today's big manufacturers.

Working with some of the best names in the industry to formulate their products, they created an entirely different nutrition delivery method that proved to be more efficient than anything that was currently in the market. Utilizing this new approach they developed their first product: Foundation.

Why did the brothers decide to develop a cellular energy product as their first product instead of the generic protein powders or a pre-workout that all the other manufacturers sell? The answer is simple. Much like constructing a house, your body requires a solid base on which to build. Without strong groundwork, nothing tough can be built. Foundation is the most effective product on the market for creating the base needed for serious growth, building your body One Brick at a Time.

Today the BrickHouse Nutrition Team operates out of a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Columbus, OH. With help from a great staff, the Team is actively developing additional products to add to their line of high-quality supplements. Of course, the warehouse includes an amazing gym for all employees, as they like to practice what they preach. If you are ever in the are please feel free to stop by and workout with us!

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