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Article: Shape Up This Summer: Top 10 Outdoor Workouts You Should Try

Shape Up This Summer: Top 10 Outdoor Workouts You Should Try

Shape Up This Summer: Top 10 Outdoor Workouts You Should Try

Tired of the usual indoor workout session? Maybe you feel like the gym has gotten a little bit too crowded for your liking, or perhaps you just want to mix things up a bit.

Regardless of your reasons, summer is in the air, and that means the great outdoors!

Ready to mix things up this year? Try these outdoor activities and rejuvenate your passion for fitness!

Running/ Jogging

There are few better ways to embrace the summer sunshine than to step outside and hit the pavement for a run or jog. If you've never considered this exercise before, there are plenty of reasons why this might be the perfect time to start.

First and foremost, running is an incredibly efficient form of exercise. It's a full-body workout that strengthens your heart, tones your muscles, and burns calories at a high rate, leading to weight loss and improved cardiovascular health. 

Running doesn't require a gym membership or expensive equipment, making it one of the most accessible forms of physical activity. All you need is a good pair of shoes, comfortable clothing, and the open road.

Secondly, there's the mental and psychological aspect of running. It's an excellent way to reduce stress, boost mood, and improve mental well-being. The repetitive motion and rhythmic breathing can be meditative, providing a space for introspection and peace.

 And who can ignore the "runner's high," that exhilarating feeling of happiness and reduced anxiety caused by the release of endorphins during the run?

Running also helps you connect with nature and your environment in a unique way. It encourages you to explore your neighborhood, local parks, or nearby trails. There's something magical about feeling the summer breeze against your skin, hearing birdsong, and witnessing sunrises or sunsets as you move through space under your own power.

Moreover, running or jogging presents an opportunity to set and achieve personal goals. Whether it's to run a certain distance or time, these small victories can bolster your self-esteem and instill a sense of accomplishment. 

There's always a chance to improve, push your limits, and surprise yourself with what you can achieve.

Finally, the running community is a source of camaraderie and support. From local running clubs to global online communities, you'll find inspiration, advice, and encouragement. Participating in local races can add a social element and provide structured goals to work towards.

All in all, running or jogging can be a game-changer this summer, offering physical, mental, and social benefits. So lace up those running shoes, step outside, and begin your journey- but also be safe out there. 

Using Radiance Collagen peptides can help safeguard your joints from the repetitive impact on the joints that can cause discomfort. 

Remember, it's not about how fast or how far you go—it's that you're out there, making the most of the summer while improving your health and well-being.


Have you ever thought about diving into swimming as a form of exercise this summer? If not, let's explore why it could be the perfect addition to your summer activities. Swimming offers a multitude of benefits that go beyond just cooling off from the summer heat. 

Swimming is a low-impact, full-body workout. Unlike many other forms of exercise, it's gentle on your joints and bones, which makes it a fantastic option for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. It simultaneously works your upper body, lower body, and core. This can help you build strength and endurance, enhance flexibility, and improve your overall body composition.

Furthermore, swimming is a great cardiovascular workout that strengthens your heart and lungs. Since water is denser than air, it provides resistance in every direction, making your muscles work harder and in turn enhancing your cardiovascular health. You might be surprised to find how a few laps in the pool can elevate your heart rate and make you breathe harder - signs of a solid workout.

man swimming in pool

Another significant advantage of swimming lies in its therapeutic nature. Gliding through the water can have a calming effect on your mind, akin to a form of moving meditation. The rhythmic motion of strokes, the feeling of buoyancy, and the sound of water can work together to reduce stress and promote mental well-being.

Swimming also holds a unique place as a life skill. Not only is it beneficial for your health, but it's also a safety measure when you're around bodies of water. As you become more confident in your swimming skills, you'll find a new world of summer activities open up to you - from beach holidays to water sports.

Swimming can also be a highly social activity. Whether it's swimming laps with a friend, joining a local swim club, or simply enjoying family time in the pool, it offers ample opportunities for connection and fun.

In essence, swimming can transform your summer. It's an excellent way to stay fit, unwind, and enjoy the water in the warm weather. So grab your swimsuit, jump in, and experience the joy and benefits of swimming. After all, summer is best enjoyed in the water!


As summer arrives with its clear skies and warm temperatures, there is no better time to hop on a bicycle and enjoy the ride. Cycling offers an array of benefits and is an activity well worth considering for anyone looking to diversify their exercise routine or simply enjoy a leisurely day out.

To begin with, cycling is an excellent form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise. It elevates your heart rate, improves stamina, and can lead to weight loss over time. The low-impact nature of cycling makes it an ideal activity for those with joint issues or injuries that make high-impact exercises like running less feasible. 

Cycling works for numerous muscle groups in your body, including your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. Regular cycling can lead to increased muscle tone and strength, as well as enhanced overall body function.

Whether you're pedaling hard on a steep hill or maintaining a steady pace on a flat path, your body is continually working, adjusting, and strengthening. Maybe that’s why professional cyclists have some of the best developed legs on the planet.

Cycling also offers significant mental health benefits. Similar to other forms of exercise, it stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's feel-good chemicals, which can improve mood, reduce stress, and even alleviate symptoms of depression. The concentration required to navigate on a bike also provides a form of mental exercise, improving cognitive function and focus.

If you’re a nature lover, chances are you’ll appreciate cycling more than many other activities. It enables you to cover greater distances than walking or running, allowing for the exploration of nearby trails, parks, or neighborhoods. 

The sights, sounds, and smells of summer become an immersive sensory experience as you glide through the landscape.

Plus, cycling is an activity that can be adjusted to your fitness level and interests. If you're looking for a serious workout, mountain biking or road cycling might be your speed. If leisure and sightseeing are more your style, a relaxed ride on a cruiser or a tandem bike could be just the ticket.

So, dust off that old bike, put on your helmet, and hit the road or trail this summer. The journey, as they say, can be just as rewarding as the destination.


Hiking is more than just a leisure activity; it's a door to countless physical, mental, and emotional benefits. This summer, if you are on the hunt for an enjoyable, versatile, and highly beneficial form of exercise, consider embarking on a hiking adventure.

As a form of cardio exercise, hiking increases your heart rate, strengthening your heart and decreasing the risk of heart disease. It also builds strength in your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and muscles in your hips and lower legs. Moreover, navigating through uneven terrain improves your balance and coordination, offering a full-body workout that can burn more calories than walking on a flat surface.

men hiking on trail

In addition to its physical benefits, hiking offers substantial mental health benefits. It encourages you to disconnect from the digital world and immerse yourself in nature, which can be a calming and therapeutic experience. The tranquility of the outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, can help to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Studies show that spending time in nature may enhance mood, focus, and creativity. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other in a natural setting can have a relaxing effect, helping to clear your mind and instill a sense of peace.

Hiking will build your love for exploration and adventure. It provides the chance to see stunning vistas, encounter wildlife, and discover new places that you wouldn't have the opportunity to experience otherwise. Each trail presents its unique challenges and rewards, keeping the activity fresh and exciting. 

Whether you're sharing the experience with friends or family, or joining a hiking group, it's an opportunity to strengthen relationships, engage in stimulating conversation, and share memorable experiences. So, lace up your hiking boots, pack a backpack, and embrace the wonder of the great outdoors this summer.

Kayaking/ Canoeing

If you're in search of a different kind of workout that combines adventure, nature, water, and exercise, look no further than kayaking or canoeing this summer. There's a certain thrill that comes with gliding across the water, powered by your own strength, that sets these activities apart from others.

Kayaking and canoeing offer an exceptional workout targeting your upper body, core, and legs. Each stroke engages your shoulders, arms, back, and abdominals, effectively building strength and endurance. 

couple kayaking

It also enhances your cardiovascular health, helping to keep your heart and lungs strong. And while it might not feel like it as you enjoy the rhythm of the paddles and the soothing movement of the water, you're burning calories, too. 

Beyond the physical benefits, there's also a deep mental and emotional advantage to these water-based activities. Spending time on the water can be incredibly tranquil and restorative, offering a unique form of stress relief. 

As you paddle, you're also honing your focus and concentration, all while enjoying the calming sounds of the water and wildlife around you. The concentration and presence required to navigate the waterways can give you a break from the daily grind, allowing you to enter a mindful and meditative state.

On the adventure front, kayaking and canoeing provide an exciting way to explore your surroundings. From serene lakes and winding rivers to the thrilling coastline, every body of water presents a new landscape to discover. 

You'll encounter wildlife, admire stunning natural scenery, and explore places that may be inaccessible by foot. It's an exploratory experience that few other workouts can match.

Then there’s the fact that canoeing and kayaking are activities that can be easily scaled to your comfort and fitness level. You can opt for a leisurely paddle on a calm lake or take on the challenge of a faster-moving river or sea kayaking. The more you do it, the more you'll improve your skills and confidence on the water.

So, don your life jacket, grab your paddle, and prepare to take on the water this summer!

Beach Volleyball

The sun's shining, the waves are lapping at the shore, and the golden sand is warm underfoot. What better way to embrace the heart of summer than by engaging in an exhilarating game of beach volleyball? If you've never tried it before, here's why this might be the perfect activity to dive into this sunny season.

Beach volleyball is a fun and dynamic sport that blends the joys of the beach with the excitement of a team activity. It's an excellent workout for the entire body, combining cardiovascular exercise with strength training. 

Diving for the ball, spiking, and serving all engage your core, arms, legs, and back, leading to improved muscle tone and overall fitness. The sand adds resistance, making each movement more challenging and rewarding from a fitness standpoint. 

Beyond its physical benefits, beach volleyball can be a boost to your mental health as well. As with any team sport, it encourages teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking. It fosters a sense of community and can enhance your social life, providing opportunities to meet new people or deepen bonds with existing friends. The shared goal of winning a match or improving skills can bring a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

The sport is also a wonderful stress reliever. Imagine the satisfaction of serving the ball over the net, the thrill of a well-executed play, or the laughter shared over a missed shot. The mental focus required during the game can serve as a form of mindfulness, allowing you to escape from daily worries and immerse yourself fully in the moment.

Playing beach volleyball also allows you to spend more time outdoors, soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful beach scenery. Sunlight exposure boosts your body's vitamin D levels, which is essential for bone health, immune function, and mood regulation. Just remember to protect your skin with sunscreen and stay hydrated!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

If you're looking for a unique and engaging outdoor activity this summer, consider giving Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) a try. Not only is it an adventurous way to explore nature, but it's also a fantastic workout that offers numerous health benefits. 

man on stand up paddleboard

SUP is a remarkable full-body workout. As you paddle, you're engaging your core, shoulders, back, and leg muscles, which improves your overall body strength and endurance. Despite its challenging nature, it's a low-impact exercise, meaning it's gentle on your joints, making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Beyond the physical benefits, SUP offers a balance challenge like no other. Maintaining stability on a paddleboard requires focus, core strength, and proprioception. Regular practice can significantly enhance your balance and coordination, skills that translate well to everyday life and other sports.

Moreover, SUP can be a fantastic cardiovascular workout. Depending on the intensity of your paddle, you could find your heart rate increasing, which strengthens your heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

A leisurely paddle might burn a modest number of calories, while paddling against the current or wind can ramp up the intensity, making it a surprising calorie burner.

SUP also provides a unique mental health boost. There's something inherently calming about being on the water, surrounded by the serenity of nature. The combination of physical exertion, balance concentration, and natural surroundings makes SUP an underrated summer-time activity. 

Lastly, SUP is incredibly versatile and can cater to various interests. Whether you prefer a tranquil paddle on a calm lake, an intense workout against waves, or even SUP yoga for an extra balance challenge, there's a style of paddleboarding for everyone.

Outdoor Yoga

If you've never tried outdoor yoga before, you might be wondering why you should give it a go. There are myriad compelling reasons to roll out your mat under the open sky this summer, and they extend far beyond the benefits of traditional yoga.

At the heart of yoga is the connection between mind and body. Practicing yoga outside can deepen this connection. Nature and yoga share an intrinsic relationship—both are about finding peace and balance. 

When you perform yoga poses outdoors, you can physically feel the earth beneath you, absorb the sunlight on your skin, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the natural symphony of birds and wind rustling the leaves. This immersive sensory experience helps ground you, enhancing mindfulness and presence in each moment.

Being in nature has been proven to reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being. It lowers cortisol levels, heart rate, and blood pressure while boosting mood and mental clarity. 

Combine this with the already significant stress-relieving properties of yoga, and you have a powerful tool for holistic wellness. The focus on breathing and meditative aspects of yoga aligns perfectly with the calming effects of the outdoors, facilitating a deeper state of relaxation.

Practicing outdoor yoga in summer also offers the advantage of natural warmth. The pleasant summer temperatures can help warm your muscles, making them more pliable and reducing the risk of injury. This heat aids flexibility and allows you to potentially achieve deeper poses, increasing the effectiveness of your practice.

Summer's longer daylight hours are another reason to try outdoor yoga. The natural light can act as a mood enhancer and help regulate your body's natural rhythms. Early morning or sunset yoga sessions can align with your body's circadian rhythm, making you feel more alert and energized during the day and sleep better at night.

Outdoor yoga also brings a sense of community. Whether you join a class in the park or practice with a group of friends on the beach, the shared experience can create a bond and offer a sense of belonging. 

The open, non-competitive atmosphere encourages mutual support and motivation. It's a wonderful way to meet like-minded individuals and engage in a positive, health-promoting activity together.

Embracing the unpredictability of the outdoor environment is a crucial part of outdoor yoga. You might be disturbed by a gust of wind, the sudden noise of a flock of birds, or a change in temperature. 

Instead of seeing these elements as distractions, they can be incorporated into your practice, teaching you to remain focused and calm amidst change and unpredictability—a valuable life skill that extends beyond the mat.

Finally, the versatility and accessibility of outdoor yoga is a significant advantage. You can practice in your backyard, a local park, or even on vacation at the beach. 

There's no need for an expensive membership or a fancy studio. This flexibility can make your practice feel more personal, unique, and adventurous.

Outdoor Boot Camps

There’s something scary that’s conjured up when the image of a boot camp comes to mind. Instead, imagine the sun beaming down, a light breeze in the air, and the camaraderie of like-minded individuals all around you, motivating and pushing you to break through your limitations. 

This is what you experience in an outdoor boot camp, an exhilarating exercise option you should definitely consider this summer. Not some army-style punishment!

outdoor fitness boot camp

Outdoor boot camps are highly dynamic, structured workouts that bring together a group of people with a shared objective - to become fitter and healthier. The essence of outdoor boot camps is rooted in their diversity of routines and the balanced approach to fitness they offer. These programs combine elements of strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility, ensuring a well-rounded workout that addresses all aspects of physical fitness.

One common characteristic of an outdoor boot camp is the high-intensity nature of the workouts. This style of training is proven to improve cardiovascular health, build strength, enhance endurance, and promote fat loss. 

It's also time-efficient; you're able to get a comprehensive workout within a shorter time span due to the high-intensity nature of the exercises. 

Then there's the advantage of working out in a group setting. The social aspect of boot camps cannot be understated. Working out with others creates a motivating and competitive environment. 

Your peers not only help push you to work harder but also offer a supportive network that keeps you accountable. This sense of camaraderie can make the challenges more bearable and the victories sweeter. 

Outdoor boot camps also offer an environment that traditional indoor gyms cannot replicate. The changing scenery and varied terrain also present new challenges and stimuli that can enhance your workout's effectiveness and enjoyment.

Another significant aspect of a boot camp is the guidance of a professional trainer. They are there to ensure your form is correct, to challenge you, and to provide modifications if needed. Having this professional oversight reduces the risk of injury and ensures that you're getting the most out of your workouts. They can also offer nutritional advice and provide motivation, which can be vital in achieving your fitness goals.

You don't need to have experience, or even have a particular level of fitness. Whether you're a beginner looking to kick-start your fitness journey or a seasoned gym-goer seeking to shake up your routine, these programs can be modified to suit your capabilities and fitness levels. This inclusivity makes boot camps a welcoming space for everyone.

Lastly, attending an outdoor boot camp teaches discipline and resilience. These traits extend beyond the fitness realm and into other areas of your life. 

You learn to persevere in the face of difficulty and push beyond self-imposed limitations, making you not only physically stronger but mentally tougher as well.

Outdoor CrossFit

You might already be familiar with the concept of CrossFit, an intense, high-energy workout regimen that challenges your strength, endurance, and agility. But have you considered taking it outside this summer? If you've never tried an outdoor CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD), this could be the perfect opportunity to inject some fresh energy into your fitness routine. 

There are numerous reasons why an outdoor CrossFit WOD is the change you need this summer.

To begin, an outdoor CrossFit WOD can be a unique and engaging way to enhance your fitness level. The intense nature of CrossFit workouts means they incorporate a range of functional movements and exercises, from weightlifting to high-intensity interval training, all of which are designed to improve your overall physical performance. 

Each WOD is different, keeping your workouts fresh and challenging, and preventing you from hitting a plateau. When taken outdoors, these workouts also introduce a new element of versatility, incorporating natural elements and landscapes into your routine.

Not only does an outdoor WOD provide a change of scenery, but it also offers several health benefits associated with exercising in the fresh air. Research suggests that outdoor exercise can lead to greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy, and positive engagement, as well as decreases in tension, confusion, anger, and depression. 

The outdoor environment also adds an element of unpredictability to your workout that indoor gyms can't match. Whether it's uneven terrain, variable weather conditions, or unexpected obstacles, these factors can push your body and mind in new ways, leading to improved adaptability and resilience. 

Plus, the sensory stimulation from the natural environment - the warmth of the sun, the smell of the grass, the sound of birds - can enhance the enjoyment of your workout and make it more memorable.

Outdoor CrossFit WODs are also great for developing functional fitness. By utilizing equipment like sandbags, kettlebells, or even just your own body weight, you'll be working on strength, agility, and balance skills that transfer to real-life activities. This is an advantage of functional fitness - it trains your body for real life, not just for show.

Lastly, let's not forget about the fun. An outdoor CrossFit WOD can be an enjoyable way to stay active during the summer months. You'll likely find yourself looking forward to your workouts more when they're held in a vibrant, outdoor setting. 

Heck, you might even participate in local CrossFit events or competitions, which can add an exciting and goal-oriented aspect to your fitness routine.

Final Words

Which of these activities do you see yourself partaking in this summer? There’s so much more you can do as well; we’re barely skimming the surface.

Just be sure to get your exercise in, no matter where it comes from (but if it involves a little sunshine, all the better!)

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