Afraid "Bulking" Will Hurt Your Golf Game?

      People have been asking me what sport am I currently on and how am I training. Right now the sport of choice is golf. Why did I choose this? It seems to be the complete opposite of my powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and violent sport training. It is also the one sport that I can continually converse with both my dad and father-in-law. This in itself is worth the change of sport direction. After much analyzing, playing the sport, I’ve realized we have been training this sport incorrectly. Why have we been doing this? Because the stigma of this sport has been that it isn’t a violent sport. I beg to differ.

        Golf is not a weak sport. Maybe the people have been playing this sport don’t look like your typical running backs, power forwards, or bodybuilders but the actual physics behind the sport are fairly violent. You take this stick, made of either steel or graphite, and you swing it at least a 100 (for the novice golfer) in approximately 4 hours time. If your handicap is even higher, then 120+ times during a course. While swinging a golf club you move on multiple axis with your feet, to your knees, to your hips, to your lats, to your back, and shoulders. There is not a lot of sports that you do this with on a constant basis. With swing speeds that vary from 70-100+ mph, this sport can get violent and physically traumatizing very quickly.

        The stigma behind this “recreational” sport has always been that any body type, any body habitus can play this sport, hence why it’s considered recreational. Everyone loved John Daly on the tour for that reason. If you analyzed the sport closely in recent years you can see that the not only have the body types changed, but the overall training schematic has changed with players. I believe this is mainly due to Tiger Woods. His exceptional training regimen may have started the true workout craze in golf. I’ll delve into his style of training and dieting in a later blog. But the current generation of golfers can thank him for revolutionizing the training of golf to a whole new level. This is why he was so dominant for so long. Tiger could drive a ball effortlessly but with power. Both his endurance, and his power were unprecedented in golf. This is why we golfers of all levels need to train for golf. Not because Tiger Woods did it, but so you can enjoy golf for a longer period of time, get better at golf, and prevent injury.


        Golf training is a little bit different because of the work that is being done in golf. It is a combination of mental training and physical training. The mental portion is the repetition and being able to position yourself into the same swing regardless of the situation. This takes practice. Only going onto the course and range can help you with this. However when it comes to the gym, this is where your power increases, endurance to hit all 18 holes, injury prevention, and then to power through another 18 holes happens. I like to do all sorts of weight lifting for golf. People have believed for years that lifting weights will get you bulky, maybe even too bulky to swing a club. This is false. Like we agreed on before, anyone can play this game, but to get better, training is key.

        There have been multiple studies emphasizing the benefits of certain ingredients, their specific combinations, and the golf game. This is the mental aspect that we are talking about in this game. Anyone who plays golf knows how a simple mistake, bad swing, or even a missed putt can mess up the entire round. This is something that has been an issue since the beginning of this sport. There have been studies showing that specific supplements have benefited the golf game. One of them is caffeine and teacrine. Both of these have shown to improve focus which leads to decreased scores. I don’t know about you but when I play golf there is always a small side bet going on. This side bet keeps the competition going. Sometimes it’s purely pride and sometimes it’s a few dollars a hole. Whatever it is, victory is always sweet. Dawn to Dusk is that perfect supplement for this. In our next post, we will break down an article that was written about a very similar product used in a golf study that improved focus and improved scores. So go out and grab your Dawn to Dusk, Improve your score, and have a lot more fun kicking all of your friends in the behind. Oh yeah, a few extra bucks doesn’t hurt either.



The Architect is the head doctor and the head of The BrickHouse Research and Development Team. He had been in the supplement industry developing formulas for many companies before joining BrickHouse. He is consistently studying the latest ingredients bringing the best in nutrition fashion to the world of BrickHouse Nutrition. The Architect lives the life he preaches to everyone. His number one goal is health for you, your family, and for your future generations. When the Architect is not developing nutritional products he is out enjoying a fresh round of golf somewhere in the world or laying the smack down on silly ass weights.