Dawn to Dusk

Clean, non-habit forming energy with no crash

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The Benefits

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Lasts up to 10 hours

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Increases energy

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Improves mood

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Heightens mental focus

Proven to be safe for everyone.

Professionals, First Responders, Military, Athletes, Gamers & Outdoorsmen

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Clean Energy

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Improves Motivation

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Physician Formulated

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As documented in an open-source scientific publication on theacrine, concentrated theacrine doses activate dopamine receptors D1 and D2, supporting dopaminergic signaling.* Research on theacrine also indicated that the compound increases activity in the nucleus accumbens (NAc) region of the brain, associated with reward, task completion and motivation. Decades of scientific studies show that high dopamine levels result in perceived feelings of energy, improved mood, sensations of pleasure, increased motivation and greater mental focus and clarity.*


In addition to boosting dopamine levels, Theacrine (as TeaCrine®) its effects on dopamine signaling, it’s also thought to inhibit adenosinergic activity.* Adenosine plays an important role in biochemical processes that promote fatigue sedation and relaxation.* By inhibiting the activity of the A1 and A2a receptors, Theacrine (as TeaCrine®) may help decrease perceived feelings of fatigue.*

"Only TeaCrine has Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice certifications so competitive athletes can use TeaCrine with peace of mind."

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PURENERGY® is a co-crystal that combines caffeine and pTeroPure®. The co-crystal links the two molecules together which impacts the way our bodies utilize the molecules individually --- thus providing a true synergistic effect. According to a recent human study:

PURENERGY® delivers 30% more caffeine into the bloodstream than ordinary caffeine.

At 6 hours, there is 51% more caffeine from PURENERGY® than ordinary caffeine.

The half-life of caffeine in PURENERGY® is extended by nearly 25%.

PURENERGY® allows us to reimagine how we energize throughout the day. With PURENERGY®, consumer products can be finely tuned for the ideal sensory and energy experience. PURENERGY® is much more than caffeine as it also contains pTeroPure® which provides numerous health benefits.

Heart Health

Healthy Aging

Cognitive Function

Athletic Performance

Blood Sugar & Weight Management