Field of Greens Variety Pack

$ 122.90

Add a little variety to your fruits and veggies! Get the best of both worlds with the Field of Greens Variety Pack. You'll get a container of our top selling Field of Greens Orginal along with a Field of Greens Wildberry to mix things up.

Don't forget, most competitors use extracts while Field of Greens is made with 100% real, USDA organic fruits and vegetables and is complete with probiotics, prebiotics, and antioxidants.

Hungry for more? Check out the science behind Field of Greens.


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Customer Reviews

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David Bannerman (Temecula, US)
Finally found a winner.

Been trying different nutritional supplements, and trying to find a good one I could take each day. I Tried that one that is advertised on Fox News, and wasted a lot of money for small amounts tha gave little effect. The other one I tried was pushed on Facebook with a hour long video by a Doctor wearing smart glasses. His tiny amount of red powder also did little. I then followed Dan Bongino’s advice and tried Brickhouse Nutrition. I purchased the the 2 Field of Greens variety pack. Flavor was great with the Red bottle, but Green was terribly over sweet. Regardless I drink it twice a day and feel like I can concentrate better and have much more energy. It’s a noticeable difference from the other companies. You also get the added benefit of more product per serving which helps curb over eating. So it’s a winner overall. Was a bit confused that label doesn’t have a flavor listed but now I know what Red and Green taste like.

Kim S. (Cleveland, US)
Field of Green Pack

I purchased the Field of Greens regular and Berry flavor. Both are great tasting; however, I really like the Berry better than regular. The Berry flavor gives my smoothies a great kick. I haven’t used a recommended, I need to in order to get the full benefit out of the product. I did try with water only, and I did not like. You’ll want to add the supplement with your favorite drink
I do recommend both if you are looking for a great supplement.
Also, thank you for the nice shaker and kind words attached to the receipt. I wasn’t expecting anything but the supplements when I opened the box.

JAMES KECK (Lexington, US)
Perfect addition to anyone’s diet.

With all the fad diets and supplements being marketed these days, we forget that the body still just needs base nutrition. I can’t say enough about this product. It’s filled in all the gaps in my family’s diet and I can see, and feel for myself, the benefits and results in their behavior and health.
You guys do right by your customers with your products. Proud of you. Proud to write this review.

Marcy F. (Madisonville, US)
Love Field of Greens!

Takes good, its good for you & gives your body the energy it needs through the day!

Frank Garcia (Rocklin, US)
Mmm mmm good

This has been a great treat to add to my morning meal.