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Standing Deep Tricep Extension Workout

Muscles Targeted: Triceps, Abdominals Steps: [1]. Choose a manageable dumbbell weight. Load the dumbbell. [2]. Extend the weight up into starting position. [3]. Slowly and evenly lower the weight as deep as you can go. [4]. Extend the arms up above the head. Squeeze the triceps and extend the weight straight up as high as possible. [powr-form-builder id=2ff3a03d_1458961248]

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Laying Bicep Workout with Burnout

Muscles Targeted: Biceps, Forearms Steps: [1].   Using a cable-cross machine, attach the rope. Add a weight you can manage. Place your feet on the machine supports. [2].   Holding the rope with both hands, lay down flat and pull the bar to your waist area. This is starting position. [3]. Curl the rope all the way up toward your pectorals. As you approach your pectorals, pull the rope outwards towards your shoulders. [4].   While controlling the weight, return to starting position. Repeat until failure. Burnout: [1]. After failure, burnout with "cheat" reps. As you return to starting position, allow your body to raise up to a 45 degree angle. [2]. Thrust your body back while performing a curl....

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Medicine Ball Diamond Push-Up Tricep Workout

Muscles Targeted: Triceps, Upper Pectoral Steps: [1]. Find a suitable medicine ball (the smaller it is, the tougher the exercise will be). Place your hands into the form of a diamond on top of the medicine ball. [2]. Engage your body in push-up position. This is starting position. [3]. Perform a push-up - flaring your elbows out as you decline. Touch your nose to the medicine ball inside the diamond you created with your hands. Variation: Try keeping your elbows tucked tightly as you perform the push-up. [powr-form-builder id=2ff3a03d_1458961248]  

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Plate Forearm Vein Train Workout

Muscles Targeted: Forearms Steps: [1]. Find a suitable plate and grasp it in the middle on both sides. Holding the weight, place your elbows on your thighs just before your knees [2]. Using only your wrists  and keeping the rest of your arm completely still, push the weight downwards as far as you can. [3]. Still only using your wrists, pull the plate in an upwards direction as high as you can. Repeat until failure [4]. Once you reach failure, grab the weight by the top using only your fingertips. [5]. Resume the same position with your elbows resting toward the ends of your thighs. Hold the weight and maintain position until failure [powr-form-builder id=2ff3a03d_1458961248]

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