Steering Wheel Ab Challenge

Steering Wheel Ab ChallengeSteering Wheel Ab ChallengeSteering Wheel Ab Challenge


Challenge How-to:

  1. Using a 45lbs plate, grasp it at the 10 & 2 position.
  2. Flatten your body and allow only the plate and your feet to contact the ground.
  3. Turn the plate like a wheel all the way to the left and then all the way back to the right. Each turn counts as 1 repetition.
  4. Record how many you are able to complete. You must complete at least 8 repetitions to earn Bricks for this challenge.

Steering Wheel Ab Challenge

Get Rewarded:

  1. Record or take a photo of yourself performing the challenge.
  2. Post the video on social media. 
  4. Use #BHNCHALLENGE, #BrickLayer & #1BaaT
  5. Your Bricks will be added to your account within 24 hours!

You may still complete a challenge outside of its' designated week. However, only half of the Bricks will be awarded.

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