Lineman Strength and Conditioning

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SELECTED STRENGTH AND POWER ASSESSMENTS TO PEAK AND AVERAGE VELOCITY In football, each position requires certain traits to excel, which may be completely different to anyone else on the field. For instance, the linemen need a quick...
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Why Did I Plateau?

I have always had a special love for the weight training side of football. Toward the end of my college career I considered myself fairly strong among football athletes, but in the last year or two I felt like I...
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Psychology of Doping

The Psychology Behind Doping in Sport I first read this article expecting to see an unbiased look at the side effects both physically and mentally from taking steroids, but this was not their aim. Instead, these researchers were looking for...
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Nutritional Ketosis in Athletes

Nutritional Ketosis Alters Fuel Preferenceand Thereby Endurance Performance in Athletes This article brings up the discussion of ketosis’s role in sports once again, but this time through the novel method of nutritional supplementation. Ketosis is the body’s natural response to...
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Pragmatism in Low-Carb Athletics

Starting at an early age, I had already begun internally challenging nutritional rhetoric. As a kid, breakfast cereal was my jam, but I still remember that while I sat at the table, slurping down all that soggy goodness that is...
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